Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

Exhibition: April 23 – May 12, 2019

Artists’ Network Gallery open themed call to the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival. Our 2018 exhibit “Isolation” was very successful and just a lot of fun.

Submission deadline: Friday, November 30, 2018.


A radiant manifestation of energy expressed visually via


The fractional manifestation of light, including:

  • Hue
  • Chroma
  • Intensity


The integrated manifestation of light, including:

  • Shape
  • Line
  • Composition

These elements combined in your photography … of any subject … that conveys an interpretation, with exhibition title

All the Light that…

Complete the sentence and show your photographic interpretation.

Exhibition dates: April 23 – May 12.

Submission deadline, this form to the gallery: Friday November 30. We will collate and submit by CONTACT’s deadline of December 3.

Artists’ Network Gallery committee will jury and accept 5 submissions maximum.

Cost: $270 per artist, payable after acceptance. This is a close approximation, at submission time we know two fixed costs: CONTACT submission fee $350, gallery exhibition fee $800 which includes an opening reception, and approximate cost of $200 for exhibition catalogues.

The gallery can accommodate approximately 10 linear feet per artist and you may exhibit any size and quantity of work within that space. Consider using the open gallery space…

We encourage non-traditional photographic work and unique presentation ideas. These do not require to be formally defined at submission, we will work with you to implement your creative exhibition idea. Refer to CONTACT 2018 and Michael Sachter’s installation “A Conversation With Myself”.

Submission Form:

  1. Provide your contact information.
  2. Upload 2 images and a CV or bio.
  3. Provide an artists statement that responds to the theme
  4. Submit it to us!

Form fields indicated * are required or you will get an error message when you click Submit. This form can not be saved, it must be completed and sent.

If you have any problems with this submission process, email or call the gallery at 416 465-0302.

1. Contact information






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2. Upload 2 images

- File formats .jpg, .jpeg, 2Mb maximum, 1200px on largest side.
- Preferred file name "YourName-title"
- Each image must include all the information in the fields below. We use it for jurying, display labels, show catalogue, and promotions.

Upload Artwork 1*

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Upload CV / bio* (pdf, doc, docx)

3. Artists statement*

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4. Send it to us!

After you click "Submit", if all required fields are correct, your information and images are emailed to us.

In case of "One or more fields have an error" message, the field with error is highlighted.

The upload process can be slow, it is very important you wait for the spinning arrows below the big Submit button and you receive the pop-up message box informing you of a successful submission. Leaving this page before the pop-up message will delete all data and suspend the upload, meaning we will not receive your submission.

If you have any problems with this submission process, email or call the gallery at 416 465-0302.

An exhibition coordinator will inform you of your status and if we require any more information. Please remember we are limiting this exhibition to 5 artists only.