BowsArt 2018

December 4, 2018 – January 6, 2019

Artists’ Network Annual Holiday Season BowsArt Exhibition and Sale

Event photography courtesy Artists’ Network member David Johns

Bill Lunshof, Carole Milon, Caterina Stambolic, Charles Burke, Cherie Daly, Christopher Thorpe, David Edwards, David Johns, David O’Brien, Donna Wells, Jackie Besteman, Joanna Strong, John Taylor, Joseph Sampson, Julien Poublanc, Karen L Bowen, Laura Abbott, Lillian Kovachis Perivolaris, Linda DeLuca, Lisa Martini-Dunk, Lori Ryerson, Lynda Best, Paul Brandejs, Paul Savard, Ramona Ricken, Rea Kelly, Richard Levine, Rita Wong, Sandra Murphy, Sonja Ng, Susie Mah, W. Stephen Cooper, Michelle Hudson, Michael Toole, Edith Jakobs

Exhibition catalogue:

AOG & AOM 2018

November 6 – 25, 2018

Group exhibition featuring artists who are staff and volunteers of the Art Gallery of Ontario and Royal Ontario Museum.

Alexander Best “Triangles 1”

Alexander Best, Brian Boyle, Chin-Chieh J.J.Wang, Clarice Kloezeman Thornton, Diane Montreuil, Doris Purchase, Edward Lee, Fei Ji, Gary Bercovitch, Joan Heeler, Joey Suriano, Nicola Woods, Randal Fedje, Roxana Lucy Sato, Ruth Hartman, Shirin Divanbeigi, Marilyn Bouma, Nancy Hunter, Martin Hirschberg, Susan Davidson, Krystyna Swiatly, Stasia Haferkorn

Exhibition catalogue:

William Hudson

“things you think you’ve seen”

October 23 – November 4, 2018

My work’s prime focus is on the inherent intimacies and isolation of all types of human relationships. The figures are intended to occupy a dream like realm with a purpose that may seem familiar yet camouflaged.

William Hudson is a formally trained architect originally from the UK, with an eclectic career in the arts world including chalk street painter and muralist for several years. Will’s installations have been exhibited at the Nuit Blanche years 2014, 2011, 2010 and 2009. In 1995 he exhibited oil paintings at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

Exhibition catalogue:

Corynn Kokolakis, Madsie Bouffard, Zoey Zoric

“Transitions: Moving in, around and through.”

October 2 – 21, 2018

Event photography courtesy of Artists’ Network member David Johns.

Each woman speaks her own voice in this figurative exhibition. Three different perspectives, three different starting points, connected to each other through their mutual contemplation of the body, not as stagnant but always in transition. The resulting work underscores a humanistic approach to change, and ultimately empowerment.

Exhibition catalogue:

Kari Serrao “The Whimsical Woodland”

Paintings in encaustic

September 10 – 30, 2018

Event photography courtesy of Artists’ Network member David Johns.

This is an ongoing series of encaustic paintings exploring the relationship animals have with each other and with humans. Here, animals we humans sometimes think of as an annoyance are portrayed as aristocratic beings from another time, all graced with antlers which they wear like crowns growing from within reaching upward.

The wisdom of the owl, the cunning of the fox, the strength of the bear, these are all characteristics we have placed on these creatures, or is it we who have drawn these traits from them?

In The Whimsical Woodland of my imagination I see all these beings living together in peace with nothing but the joy and wonder of each new day……

Exhibition catalogue:

Show Your Pride

June 19 to July 25, 2018

Collaboration 01 with Ian, Edd Baptista & Ian Busher

Celebrating Pride Month from a personal perspective. The LBGTQ community is an integral, rich component of Toronto life and our individual lives. You don’t have to be gay to show your pride. In Canada we have the freedom to express ourselves and live our lives honestly.

Boloebi Charles Okah, Brian Lynn, Bruce Cannon, Dominique Ward, Edd Baptista, Emilio Mozo, Gabrielle Lasporte, Joanna Strong, Kari Serrao, Mark Gleberzon, Nina Keogh, Paul Brown, Shelagh Howard, Zoey Zoric

Exhibition catalogue:

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

May 1 – May 27, 2018

Artist talk: Thursday May 10, 7 – 9 PM: Donald Bray, Michael Sachter, W. Stephen Cooper.

Artist talk: Saturday May 19, 1 – 3 PM: Felicity Somerset, Jessica Lin, Rita Wong.


12 Artists’ Network member photographers present “Isolation”, a group exhibition that subsumes identity, deceives scale, minimizes nature’s chaos, and decontextualizes the built environment. Exhibited work includes city and landscapes, composite portraiture, still life, and some that redefines conventional photographic practice and presentation.

“The anachronism of isolation: part of a whole with existence so fragile, time, gone in a second or an entire season. A fallen decaying leaf, lone monumental iceberg, constructed false portraits, fire and water and silk and prayers. A group of delicate fabric jellyfish. Dark and stormy roads. An immersive installation “A Conversation With Myself” to experience isolation.”

David Johns, Donald Scott Bray, Donna Wells, Felicity Somerset, Jessica Lin, Lori Ryerson, Lorie Slater, Margit Koivisto, Michael Sachter, Paul Brandejs, Rita Wong, W. Stephen Cooper

20 / 20 : Riverdale ArtWalk Preview

April 10 – 22, 2018

20 artists exhibiting at Riverdale ArtWalk during the Artists’ Network 20th anniversary will be on preview at the gallery.

Arwynn Davey, Beverly Allen, Carolyn Laidley Arn, Chas burke, Corynn Kokolakis, Daniela Rojze, David Johns, Denise Gracias, Elva Hook, Hoda Nicolas, Kari Sarrao, Lawrence Morton, Nadine Prada, Pamela mayhew, Paul Brown, Samuel Choisy, Sharon Helleman, Susan Aaron, Susan Friedman & W. Stephen Cooper

Riverdale ArtWalk is a FREE two-day, public fine art exhibition showcasing established and emerging artists in Jimmie Simpson Park and Community Centre in Toronto’s flourishing Queen East arts district. The first outdoor art show of Toronto’s season, the Riverdale ArtWalk is a great place to connect with artists and buy that perfect piece for your home!

Centennial College Arts Graduates

March 21 – 28, 2018

“A doorway to the new. The feeling of ‘almost’. The heart skipping a beat. “Brink” explores narratives of the edge and what lies beyond. Diverse artists interpret the gap between past and future, known and unknown.”

Connor Bennett, Dara Collins, Rachel Dougherty, Amanda Francis, Jianyu Hou, Morsal Ganji, (Romario) Milton Garzon, Vazgen Gyulkhandanyan, Priscilla Koopman, (Joy) Xiao Mei Lu, Julian Lynn, Matthew Oakes, Derek Obst, Yuki Tamai, Rennie Taylor

V is for Volunteer

January 29, 2018 – March 18, 2018

Lina Faroussi, Diane Boyer, Karen Taylor, Doug Zest, Sheila Thompson, Beverly Allen, Nancy Bennett, David Harcombe, Andrew Stelmack, Janet Potter, Donald Scott Bray, Steven Lewis, Charles Burke, Natalie Grakovski, Lynn Dutton, Judy Ann Cazamier, Joanna Strong, David Johns